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SACCJ’s Community Support Philosophy: Focus and Sustainability

As an organization promoting social, economic and cultural ties between South Africa and Japan, SACCJ has made assisting local community support initiatives in South Africa in a sustainable manner one of our most important priorities.  While there are so many different deserving charities that are doing important work, to ensure the greatest impact from our available resources, the SACCJ believes it is most effective to concentrate our support on one local charity organization for a certain period of time, rather than fragmenting support across multiple organizations.  Further, we are committed to helping those most vulnerable: children.  Therefore, the SACCJ has chosen to focus on the Two Sisters Orphanage in South Africa, which is dedicated to the day-to-day care and well being of children who have lost their parents to the HIV/Aids pandemic. 

The children of Two Sisters

Click here for more information about Two Sisters Orphanage:

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SACCJ’s Chosen Charity for 2012-2013: Two Sisters Orphanage

As many of our members and friends are already aware, the SACCJ has been supporting Two Sisters Orphanage over the last couple of years through donations with the help of your faithful and generous support.  However, to bring even greater transparency to our support activities and, importantly, to ensure that those support activities lead to empowerment of Two Sisters, the SACCJ has decided to set a new and concrete funding goal.  

Specifically, instead of donating funds to support the orphanage’s general administrative activities, SACCJ will support specific Two Sisters initiatives that will enable the orphanage to generate income of their own.  

Two Sisters Quilting Machine Project
Because of the great need they have to meet, Two Sisters cannot only depend on donations to get by. Therefore Two Sisters’ founder, Patrick Thibedi, has started various projects to enable the orphanage to generate supplementary income. One project that has shown a great deal of promise is their sewing project to produce and sell quilted products such as duvets and curtains.  This project aims to not only generate much-needed supplementary income for the orphanage, but also to enable the caretakers of Two Sisters to gain practical skills that they can use from now on. 

This project was off to a good start with four sewing machines, purchased through the help of various donors including the SACCJ, to create the base products, and they have been able to make a small profit on the items they sell.  However, since Two Sisters lacks quilting machines of their own, they need to outsource the quilting process for an extra cost.  If they had a quilting machine to do this work themselves, their profit per item would increase tenfold.

In order to help solve this fundamental difficulty that the Two Sisters’ sewing project is facing, in early 2012 SACCJ decided to help Two Sisters Orphanage acquire their own quilting machine, which will enable them to take greater charge of their own situation. 

Two Sisters Care Worker Sewing Quilts

Goal Reached!

We are delighted to report that as of 5 May 2013, we have raised sufficient funds through our donation of a portion of each event’s proceeds and your generous donations collected at our events to pay for the quilting machine, manufactured by Singer, which costs approximately \440,000

The purchase and delivery of the machine are scheduled to be completed in June 2013, and we will be posting updates on how Two Sisters is using the quilting machine.

Going Forward

We will be posting details of our next community support project for 2013-2014 shortly.   

You can help by attending SACCJ events and activities:  as in the past, the SACCJ will continue to donate a portion of all proceeds from our events to our chosen community support projects.  So just by coming out as a paying attendee, you are helping the cause.  Donations can also be made at our events or directly to the SACCJ charity bank account, details below.

We thank all members and friiends for their invaluable support of our community support projects. 

How to Make a Donation

  1. In person, at our events
  2. By Bank Transfer to: 

    South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan 
    Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
    Kojimachi Branch
    Futsuu account #0138563
    (Charity Donations Only. Please do not use for Membership Fees payment) 

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